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Miin Wu School is an interdisciplinary school combining computing science, AI, data science and related disciplines.With new applications such as artificial intelligence and 5G, computing will infiltrate into all walks of life.
Graduates from this school will have the ability to combine computing science with other disciplines. Not only create the value to enterprises, but these technologies are very likely to change society and become an important key to solve problems for all mankind.

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2023 05.29
【AI x Future|AI趨勢論壇】 2023/06/02 AI-Powered 3D Live Tour Application for Real Estate Industry-COPY
The real estate industry has undergone significant transformations with the emergence of innovative technologies. AI-powered solutions have played a pivotal role in enhancing the property viewing experience. This talk explores the development of an AI-Powered 3D Live Tour Application tailored specifically for the real estate industry, with a particular focus on the technology of 3D layout reconstruction from panoramas. The application harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to create immersive and interactive virtual tours of real estate properties. By leveraging panoramic images captured through specialized cameras or smartphones, the application employs advanced 3D layout reconstruction techniques to accurately recreate the physical spaces in a virtual environment. In this presentation, I will highlight three works that tackle the challenge of 3D indoor layout reconstruction from different input settings, including single-view panorama and multi-view panoramas. I will further introduce a transformer-based network in the multi-view setting, enabling simultaneous learning of pose registration and layout reconstruction. This novel approach showcases the potential for more comprehensive and accurate property layout reconstruction, benefiting both potential buyers and real estate professionals.
2023 05.23
2023 05.18
AI x Future AI趨勢論壇:"Deepfake" - Machine Learning for Face Image Generation
Over recent years, machine learning has revolutionized the generation of photorealistic facial images, with image-to-image transformation techniques being employed in a plethora of applications, including data augmentation, entertainment, virtual reality, and even in the synthesis of deepfake images/videos. In this talk, I plan to review the general machine learning methodologies employed for face image generation before delving into our group's novel research on cross-domain heterogeneous face generation models. I will elucidate how we model facial geometry, sketches, expressions, and lighting, and how these models enable inference about unseen test subjects. The talk will conclude with the presentation of a framework for a facial generator designed to recover faces obscured by masks, a crucial innovation for surveillance systems in the era of Covid-19.