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Computing Impact

Miin Wu School is an interdisciplinary school combining computing science, AI, data science and related disciplines.With new applications such as artificial intelligence and 5G, computing will infiltrate into all walks of life.
Graduates from this school will have the ability to combine computing science with other disciplines. Not only create the value to enterprises, but these technologies are very likely to change society and become an important key to solve problems for all mankind.

NEWS 最新消息

2023 01.04
Jan. 11 AI Master Lecture: Unsupervised, Adaptive, and Advisable Visual Learning
Professor Trevor Darrell is founding co-director of Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research BAIR, Berkeley Deep Drive BDD, and BAIR Commons. He will give a talk in person about unsupervised, adaptive, and advisable visual learning.
2022 12.19
【報導】NSTC-JST 2022 Workshop 臺日探討智慧運算算力新解方
第三屆臺日 「人工智慧之奈米電子與系統整合(NSTC-JST 2022 Workshop: Nanoelectronics and System Integration for AI)成果發表及合作推動研討會議。
2022 12.23
成大敏求智慧運算學院 2022 WFC 探討未來運算關鍵議題
前瞻運算年度國際交流盛會「2022 未來運算工作坊(WFC)」今明兩天在國立成功大學未來館登場。本次會議邀集來自美國、日本、加拿大、英國、芬蘭頂尖國際研究機構講者共同探討神經型態運算、資料科學與運算、運動科學與電腦視覺以及 AI 在醫療等應用領域的最新發展趨勢。