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【Event】2021 NCKU Miin Wu School of Computing AI Summer Summit Call for Proposals


NCKU Miin Wu School of Computing (SOC) aims to cultivate interdisciplinary and innovative talents with specific domain knowledge and computing expertise. Accordingly, these talents can use advanced computing technology both to solve major social problems and to benefit our nation. Hence, in order to encourage outstanding scholars to lead interdisciplinary research teams and cooperate with SOC, we shall launch the 2021 NCKU Miin Wu School of Computing AI Summer Summit. The research fields of this summit 2021 focus mainly on Future Computing, AI Robotics, and Computational Biomedicine.

Application Requirements

ž The applicant should involve an interdisciplinary team with more than two people.

ž The topics of the research project shall belong to one of the following fields: Future Computing, AI Robotics, Computational Biomedicine, and etc.

Review Focus

ž The research goal should address an important and pending science concern or a complicated practical but meaningful issue.

ž An interdisciplinary team, which is willing to share experience and can collaborate effectively with SOC’s professors and their research groups, is encouraged and preferred.

ž The topics should show the importance and relevance to either global or regional issues and reveal the characteristic of interdisciplinary.

Application Information and Documents

ž The application information should include both Chinese and English versions, and resumes of the PI and all team members.

ž Application and Deadline: Please email the basic information materials and a one-page proposal to yibeng@gs.ncku.edu.tw by 5PM (GMT+8) on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

Event Description

ž The selected teams will be invited to Tainan to attend the six-week AI Summer Summit.

ž Accommodation and research space will be provided.

ž This program will reimburse up to NTD$800K of the research cost for the top three selected team. ž The period of the reimbursement is from the end of the summer summit until 2021 Workshop on Future Computing (WFC 2021).


The top three selected research teams need to present their research results at WFC 2021.

Program Schedule



Apr. 15

Application Deadline

Apr. 30

Announce of Proposals Screening Results

Jul. 12 – Aug. 20

Miin Wu Summer Summit

Aug. 19 – Aug. 20


Dec. 13 – Dec.14

2021 Workshop on Future Computing


Ms. Liu soc57000@ncku.edu.tw

Office of Miin Wu School of Computing, NCKU

06-2757575 ext.57000-108

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