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【Recruitment】2021 NCKU Miin Wu School of Computing is recruiting new faculty members!

Miin Wu School of Computing, NCKU (SOC) invites applicants for one or more open rank faculty positions. We are particularly interested in candidates with experiences of interdisciplinary application of their fields of expertise and computing.


Job description:

In addition to teaching requirements stipulated by the University, full-time faculty members shall engage in research based on their individual specializations and interests and assist in the operation of the research center to which the School is attached.

With an NT$ 1 billion donation from chief sponsor Macronix International, we are able to provide faculty members with a generous compensation package which will be determined by their educational background, experience, developmental potential, expected contributions to the School, and other performance indices.


Required Qualifications:

You may be eligible if you are interested and meet the following requirements:

■ You hold or are about to receive a doctoral degree.

You meet either of these criteria:

• Skilled in professional computing and interested in interdisciplinary research, applications, and teaching related to computing

• Interested in computing research and applications in your original professional field



May. 2, 2021



Ms. Kacie Liu



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