An Open Space for Computing Pioneers to Idealize Interdisciplinary Imaginations

Miin Wu School of Computing brings talents together, develops vital programs, underpins groundbreaking research and tackles the society’s challenges with computing approaches.

What We Do

·Bilingual (Dual-Competency): cultivate talents with dual competency (both domain-specific and computing expertise)
·Cross-Disciplinary: bring together niches of the 9 colleges to develop computing-centric, cross-disciplinary technologies and applications
·Vertical-Integration: conduct requirements analysis and system design to benefit the human society
·Industrial/International-Liaison: Establish solid industrial and international links

How We Do It



Self-development- Being able to idealize interdisciplinary imaginations through computing means he/she has a solid foundation of mathematics and computing thinking, so that he/she has the ability to infer approaches from data, apply computing on interdisciplinary challenges and eventually innovate. In Miin Wu School of Computing, we encourage students to develop themselves on the path at their own pace. We provide a self-development environment with a series of unique credit programs, degree programs, workshops and capstone events. Students explore of their own free will. But they are not alone. Peers and faculties are always around in the class or workshops to share their experiences.

Double track system- Students come to SOC from all disciplines. Some excel at computing language while others don’t. That’s why SOC develops that double track system. For students who are already familiar with computing language, cross-disciplinary application courses are recommended; for students who start from foundation courses in computing, there is guidance for what, how and where to begin. No need to worry about the gap. SOC provides some unique courses to fill in. In the process of improvement, students are all encouraged to work together in workshops and events.

Mission-oriented research- To foster a better society, the research in SOC is oriented towards challenges in the short future. We cooperate with government and industrial organizations to develop projects that are occurring to us. In classes, we introduce challenges from the real world. Students improve themselves in inference and application abilities by facing the real challenges with computing approaches.

Frame Breaking- In Miin Wu School of Computing, talents’ development is all that matters. Everyone is unique. There is no one particular path fitting everyone. Therefore, SOC implements a flexible institution. The rules of degree programs and credit programs are flexible for students. There is no limit for us to support research and courses. We also break the frame of time and space by deploying a cloud environment for researchers and students.

4 Core Abilities

◆ Requirements Analysis
◆ Computational Thinking
◆ Algorithm- Inferential Thinking
◆ System Design